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Chaoz Annihilator Chaoz Annihilator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This Reminds me of

The Italian Job.. The movie! idk why!

[LK] Flight [LK] Flight

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


So I am back BTW!

But Yeah a few things.

. As this songs a a slower tempo probably like 128 ish I think you crashes need to be longer not the short ones I think are meant more for 140 or 180 they just sound funny at this slow of tempo. I also think you should just start the song off wit hthe guitar and get rid of the crash at the first.

. The guitar pluck thing in the intro is amazing till about :14 I think it gets pretty generic there

. The Fill at :28 doesn't really fit also I think I have heard it in like 700 other songs. I recommend taking it out cause it seems out of place and cause its been used by so many people already. I think even used it way back in the day.

. to be 100% honest I think the over song is weak and could you a lot of work I am just seeing now you don't plan on finishing this but Ima keep going anyways, And if you don't finish salvage the guitar intro for another as it has major potential.

. Lastly the gated saw imo sounds like crappy euro-trance from like 1999 and I understand its hard sometimes to make a song full and you just throw it in there till help fill the song up but I promise you it's not helping just makes you seem amateur.

well anyways I am gonna go review a song that you have finished or at least plan to!

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

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This is How We Do it (HHC This is How We Do it (HHC

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A few things.

The bass is to overpowering It even sounds distorted to me. a good way to see if something is clipping is play the song without the bass or the kick and then randomly turn it on and see if it seems like anythings volume gets lower. also add a DBmeter to a channel and see if it goes into the red.

I think the song has potential its just the quality that is off. also maybe a bit more variation to the melody would go a long way the build ups almost seem to long and repetitive.

The kick is good and powerful but You can't feel its full power because of the loudness of the bass.

The song does gets repetitive maybe add a break with a different melody would probably go a long way.

Transitions are a little slack maybe work on making them more creative rather then just a filter cutoff. filter is now a bad way to build up as long as its not the only element.

Over all not a bad song Needs work tho and more variation.

I was gonna give you a 4 but I gave you a 5 cause I hate bringing peoples score down.

7/10 Overpowering Bass, Lack of variation, weak transitions.

That's my take on this!

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

Justin Ironwoods - Feathers Justin Ironwoods - Feathers

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I 5 bombed for you <3

This is very smooth but one thing I think you need to work on is building things up I fee like this song has no build up just a constant flow makes it less exciting in my opinion.

I also would suggest working on the bass I can barley hear it over everything else

I agree with the guy below me that the melody has a wired feeling which I am not saying is bad its different and I like different.

I think the drums could of had more variation instep of the constant 4 X 4 kick but its not to bad

Good work :):):):

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX !

End of Time [B4B] End of Time [B4B]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This song isn't bad there are just a few things I would like to point out tho

I will tell you this now Nexus will only get you so far. It is a great tool for starters and its alright to use but not for the main course of the song. This might be more of a personal opinion but when I hear a song made with mostly nexus I find it shows a slight bit of laziness or maybe that you don't know some of the great tools out there other then nexus. And maybe no so much in this song but I have heard a lot of Nexus in you songs and it might help further this music thing If you start to explore more.

Now about this song in general.

you kick is clipping not to bad tho just need to be turned down some but also turn up some on the lower frequencies. there does seem to be a slight conflict between your kick and your bass and that they are both on the same frequency and this is a common problem and can sometimes take hours or even days to perfect because generally bass and kicks in a lower frequency and It usually just takes a bit of fine tuning to help distinguish them.

the synth that comes at :44 is sorta fuzzy and kinda hurts the ears I suggest just lowering some of the higher frequencies I also think that this over powers the rest of the song. if you listen at 1:15 you can hear how the bass seems like the volume gets lower as the sythn gets louder. I would suggest focusing you synths more to the mid frequencies and you bass more low

Lastly your piano. I will tell you now that nexus pianos are the worst well not the worst but pretty bad I would suggest looking into 4Front Pianos and Truepianos maybe even look into soundfonts.

I want you to know this is not me attacking you but more a less trying to help.

If you have any question about any of the terms I used in my review or EQing Compressing just PM me on Newgrounds I will give you my email And I can answer any questions you have

I would like to point out on a good note I think you have potential and I don't think this song is bad I think its built well with good melody its more the quality I am concerned with.

Well anyways Have A Great Day :)


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Beats4Beets responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot! I dont take anything you say at offense, honestly. I mean, i think i'd rather see someone trying to help me out then to simply say 'I like it!' and i really do like to have help with mastering from someone that would have maybe, more experience then me.

Im actually shocked about your thoughts over Nexus.. I've tried plenty of synths, presets.. Most of the popular ones, i even torrented most of their expensions just last week and i know some what you mean, Nexus DOES pretty much do the work for you and i feel better about my music when i just make the synths on my own. But hey, im a pretty lazy person and eventually, i WILL just make everything myself.. Or for the most part.. But for now, im focusing more on just having.. A nice song ! :D

I agree 100% with the bass and kick comment you made and even the lead suggestiong... And i most likely will PM you for same help on that because i truly understand the whole 'Lead synth comes in, everything else turns down' I would LIKE to make everything balanced and im sincerely trying to do a good job on mastering but i always feel like SOMETHING'S to low or not right. So a good lesson on that would be nice! xD

As far as Nexus pianos. I played piano for 6 years and i know that my piano here sounds better then any Nexus piano.. But hell, I think they're sounding pretty realistic consider 'FL Keys' x)

So anyway.
Thanks for the helpful review! And look out for a PM sometime soon :)


He's A Pirate. He's A Pirate.

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sounds Like A Midi

This isn't much of a remix. Just using the exact same melody and changing the sounds doesn't really count as a remix. Maybe try something different something clever instead or the EXACT same everything

good example n/254023


Well anyways good try

Have A great Day :)


[CG] - Uprising [CG] - Uprising

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good But.

A few Problems

1. The flanger or flangus Effect on your bass I think ruins the song to be honest. I think the choice Of bass could of been better as well. The melody Is fine just the sample / effects just don't work.

2. The bass is overpowering the kick when the bass and the kick are playing together you don't even the kick sounds like its not even a kick. You need to work on making them both be noticed not just the bass Maybe you just over compressed the bass or Have them both on close to the same frequency I am not sure but I know it needs work.

3. OK just listen at :47 you can tell the kick drum is clipping everything in the song And I am not sure what you did but You made the kick overpowering and the bass even more overpowering then that.

What I suggest is look into how to probably eQ and compress your song cause it was done very amateur here

I would like you to know I am not trying to be harmful here but more a less help you further you understanding in mastering And mixing. I would suggest you look into how a compressor works and how to probably use one

The strings at the first where good like someone below me said The need more attack so it not so sudden and It will make it sound more realistic

The build up was very nice a good use of the filter and It wasn't overused which is also good.

The drums other the the kick where good maybe a little more variation would have goon a long way.

It seems like melody and the bass are playing the exact same melody which isn't a problem but I find it lacks variation in the song make it less exciting

The piano was a nice touch but again seemed to play relatively the same melody the whole way through

I think the glitch stuff you threw in was a good idea But I found it was sudden and you didn't give us your audience a chance to see it coming. It sorta felt random to me like it wasn't suppose to be there but Only because you didn't have it anywhere else n the song

Lastly I found the outro was very generic and could of been done better just lowering the volume is a lazy was of going about it.

I don't find this to be a bad song I think it has potential I just think you need to think about and listen to how things sound more and realize when something isn't working

And again I am not trying to attack you just giving my opinion

well I hope to here more from you in the future and I will continue to listen to your stuff and see how things progress

Have A Great Day :)


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UncleSqueezins responds:

I pretty much agree with everything you said. This song kinda sucks. I thought it was outstanding when I posted it. That's usually the case with all my songs :P

But hey, I'm still learning, even after producing for 2 years.

Thanks for all of the critique and advice. I really appreciate it :)

ParagonX9 - Chaoz Speed ParagonX9 - Chaoz Speed

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Your Really Not Cool

Just Saying?

Minecraft - ( Zyte mix ) Minecraft - ( Zyte mix )

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Minecraft Is like 10 hours a day wasted without even realizing it. Good Game Tho!!

Nice song Good melody some of the repeating melodies tho don't seem to fit the changing melody

But anyway Nice work!

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

[e99] Euphoria [e99] Euphoria

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think this would be like 50 times better if the kick wasn't so overpowering everything in your song clips sounds like a giant sidechange.

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e991e responds:

I'll see what i can do.

Any tips?