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Awesome Work

I thought it was awesome 1000 times better then What I could do!!!

Thanks for the submission!

Have A Great Day!


LinkXRetro responds:

thanks! =)
you too

Yet Again!!

Awesome work!!! And Of Course Thanks for using my SONG!!

zackfire17 responds:

haha credits song both times
its a good song


Awesome work Thanks for using My song!!!!!!!!

zackfire17 responds:

you're welcome
its a good song

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Nice work

Awesoem job but I agrre it neesds to be longer..

Have A great Day!

XenoxX :)


Wow this is a pretty amazing game and I am super glad to have my music in it Thanks a lot

I didn't get very far didn't beat the mother ship thing. But I got that far just by holding the space and going back and forth so That might be something you would try to prevent maybe in future games. Other then that awesome work!

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

AwokerR responds:

:] Thanks XenoxX


Woot! awesome job... I like this game LOL pretty sweet... and of course Thanks so much for making this game with me song :):)


Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the great track XenoxX!

Glad you like the game!

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This Reminds me of

The Italian Job.. The movie! idk why!


So I am back BTW!

But Yeah a few things.

. As this songs a a slower tempo probably like 128 ish I think you crashes need to be longer not the short ones I think are meant more for 140 or 180 they just sound funny at this slow of tempo. I also think you should just start the song off wit hthe guitar and get rid of the crash at the first.

. The guitar pluck thing in the intro is amazing till about :14 I think it gets pretty generic there

. The Fill at :28 doesn't really fit also I think I have heard it in like 700 other songs. I recommend taking it out cause it seems out of place and cause its been used by so many people already. I think even used it way back in the day.

. to be 100% honest I think the over song is weak and could you a lot of work I am just seeing now you don't plan on finishing this but Ima keep going anyways, And if you don't finish salvage the guitar intro for another as it has major potential.

. Lastly the gated saw imo sounds like crappy euro-trance from like 1999 and I understand its hard sometimes to make a song full and you just throw it in there till help fill the song up but I promise you it's not helping just makes you seem amateur.

well anyways I am gonna go review a song that you have finished or at least plan to!

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

A few things.

The bass is to overpowering It even sounds distorted to me. a good way to see if something is clipping is play the song without the bass or the kick and then randomly turn it on and see if it seems like anythings volume gets lower. also add a DBmeter to a channel and see if it goes into the red.

I think the song has potential its just the quality that is off. also maybe a bit more variation to the melody would go a long way the build ups almost seem to long and repetitive.

The kick is good and powerful but You can't feel its full power because of the loudness of the bass.

The song does gets repetitive maybe add a break with a different melody would probably go a long way.

Transitions are a little slack maybe work on making them more creative rather then just a filter cutoff. filter is now a bad way to build up as long as its not the only element.

Over all not a bad song Needs work tho and more variation.

I was gonna give you a 4 but I gave you a 5 cause I hate bringing peoples score down.

7/10 Overpowering Bass, Lack of variation, weak transitions.

That's my take on this!

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

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