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Google Maps 8-bit for NES

2012-03-31 23:53:40 by XenoxX

East West Complete Composers Collection HD

2012-03-31 02:20:40 by XenoxX

1 Complete Composers Collection HD - Windows
1 Symphonic Orchestra Gold
1 Pianos Gold
1 Symphonic Choirs
1 Goliath
1 Stormdrum 2
1 Voices of Passion
1 Ra

Total $1,048.95

Just Bought that.... I guess now I will have to make music or I just wasted $1000 bucks

Moved to Alberta

2012-01-17 20:23:31 by XenoxX

Yeah I moved to Alberta.... Also my job takes up a whole bunch of time so it's hard to even do anything sorry people who still read these.


2011-10-08 18:12:26 by XenoxX

I Have been uploading random things I have been working on. So if anyone cares there is a few things there and I will be uploading all my works in progress there!


2011-04-17 00:57:39 by XenoxX

So I just realized the complete downfall I have become...

I went from releasing 93 songs in 1 year down to 30 to 15 to just 1 this year and I honestly don't have a good excuse. lately I have had nothing but time and would be surprised if people are even reading this as I can assume most of you have forgotten about me.

I can't say 100% I will be back. But I for sure gonna try and bring you at least something you will enjoy! and I know I have said this before But i have a different mindset now hopefully for the better!!!

Ahhh Idk

HEY Thumbs Up!

2010-12-09 22:59:16 by XenoxX


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2010-10-24 17:14:59 by XenoxX

Working On A New Remix Here's The Original!

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2010-10-21 05:20:40 by XenoxX

I think its time I start making music on a daily basis once again If all goes according to plan I should be posting so new material withing the next week or so!

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Bout time for a Sexy comback

2010-07-30 15:41:52 by XenoxX

I Will attempt to make more music things been going pretty good for awile and I will try to get you guys some stuff to listen to!

fuCK Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

2010-04-11 08:13:00 by XenoxX

Lets just say I have had so much going on latly with senior year and cod4 cevo tourney. and lots of shit just music hasn't been in my list of things to do daily...

I have been making lots of new melodies on the piano its just taking them and making them into a song.

All I can say for now with the new cod4 CAL tournament and cevo season 5 Not sure I will have much time aside from cod4 and school... Sorry for no music I will try to get something done before the end of april


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